Sustainability Policy


To encourage and influence a more environmentally conscious community as well as the health and wellness industry as a whole. Wonderfloat and its staff are committed to environmentally sound practices by focusing on the reduction of waste and water usage, as well as the use of recyclable or recycled materials. Wonderfloat has developed a comprehensive sustainability policy to include environmental efforts related to waste, energy, travel, noise pollution and education.

Resource Controls

To continuously decrease the amount of resources including electricity, water and materials used by Wonderfloat.

  • We recycle ink cartridges, paper, magazines or print publications, cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminum.
  • We scan all accounting paperwork in order to reduce paper usage.
  • We use paperless billing.
  • All old paper files are shredded and recycled.
  • All efforts are made to use the best technologies for continuous improvement of efficiency in use of resources, processes and supplies used for daily operations.
  • The flagship location has been selected based on the high quality, energy efficient building envelope.
  • Lights in the common areas spaces have automatic dimmer controls and are turned off when not in use.
  • All lights are turned off after hours.
  • Heating and air conditioning are controlled at night and on weekends to reduce usage.
  • Energy efficient tank-less on demand water heaters are installed in the facility.
  • Slim line Infra-red radiant heating panels that provide a natural, sun-like heat and are 50% more efficient than conventional heaters are installed in the special treatment rooms.
  • High tech swirl air diffusers that deliver up to 40% energy savings, while mixing incoming air with the air in the space, for greater comfort and health benefits, have been chosen over standard diffusers.
  • Additional insulation was placed in the ceiling to reduce energy usage.
  • Low VOC glue, adhesives and paint finishes have been used during the construction of the space.
  • Sound absorbing, sound blocking and sound diffusion methods and materials have been used throughout in order to achieve a comfortable work environment.
  • The water in the float tanks is stored in an insulated, passive heated storage tank overnight and in between sessions in order to conserve the heat and reduce water loss through evaporation.
  • High tech, water saving plumbing fixtures have been used, including low flush toilet and waterless urinal that can save up to 40,000 gallons of water per year.
  • Low flow, highly efficient yet powerful shower heads that use half the amount of water a regular shower head would normally use, also help save up to 50% of the energy needed to heat the water.
  • All lighting fixtures are dimmable LEDs, programmable and controlled for optimum power management.
  • Roof mounted solar panels (coming soon) will generate enough energy to cover more than 50% of the amount of electricity used.
  • Although not officially designated as a LEED Certified facility, 90% of the materials and products used in the building process would qualify for LEED credits, including the reusable raised floor system, the suspended ceiling, the floor carpet and vinyl laminate, the solid surfaces, the LED lighting system, the high efficiency appliances and specialized equipment, the additional mineral insulation used for better thermal efficiency and sound proofing.
  • Most of the construction materials are either made with a high, post-consumer recyclable content or have been manufactured from recycled materials, using sustainable practices.

Community Controls

To reduce the impact of noise pollution on the local and surrounding communities through education and raising awareness about environmentally friendly solutions.

  • Wonderfloat is continuously searching for and implementing new, more environmentally friendly materials and solutions for use in our products and in the building process of our facilities.

Employee Controls

To increase employee satisfaction to retain and attract employees and to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.

  • A low emission company vehicle will be available for use to all employees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Special bonuses are offered to employees that carpool or use public transportation.
  • Discounts on services are offered to customers that ride a bicycle to the appointment or drive electric or hybrid vehicles.
  • Technical sales representatives and installation team members are encouraged to carpool to all site visits and installations.
  • Employees and Guests are encouraged to use reusable kitchenware rather than disposable materials.
  • ‘Reduce, Reuse or Recycle’ philosophy is encouraged throughout our facility.
  • Promote employee commitment and accountability to this policy through the active support of the management team.

Distribution Controls

To protect the environment from adverse impacts associated with the distribution of materials within the wellness industry.

  • Packaging materials for large items are reused whenever possible to reduce waste.
  • All cardboard, pallets or other shipping materials are recycled or reused on site.
  • Materials warehouse is located within walking distance to minimize transportation of overstocked items.

Event Controls

To minimize waste and energy associated with Wonderfloat’s participation in trade show events.

  • Use lightweight 10×10 exhibit booth whenever possible.
  • Reuse 10×10 booth at each event as deemed relevant.
  • All unused digital catalogs will be shipped to the next event.
  • Material volumes will be condensed for shipping.
  • No incandescent lighting will be used during exhibits.
  • Additional booth signage will be multi-purpose for future exhibits.
  • Larger booth will be refurbished for use in bigger booth spaces rather than purchasing a new booth.
  • Carpeting and furnishings will be rented on site rather than shipped.
  • Show staff will be a maximum of two attendees in order to reduce unnecessary travel or equipment needs.