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Wonderfloat is the most exciting new concept in wellness today, providing the ultimate relaxation experience for the mind and body in a serene, luxurious float spa ambiance. This is where you can come to unwind, to feel great, to REST, to heal, to learn, to share. We are introducing you to the float spa of the future and every care was taken to ensure a calm, comfortable, soothing environment for all who come here to find relief from chronic pain and daily stress or to simply get away from it all and just re-connect with their inner self.

Commitment to Excellence

We welcome your inquiries and feedback at all times. Our members and guests well-being is of utmost importance to us and we want nothing more than to provide consistency and excellence in everything we do. Please feel free to review our schedule and book online or stop by for more information. A knowledgeable staff member will always be on hand to greet you and answer all your questions.

Our Vision

We envision a healthy world in which we all live peacefully and in harmony with our natural environment. We believe that as humans we have the responsibility to help one another, learn from each other, dream big, work hard and always strive to do the right thing. In order to achieve true greatness we must respect life, care for nature and kindly give before we receive.

Our Purpose

Wonderfloat exists to help everyone live a more meaningful and enjoyable life and our goal is to set a new standard of excellence for the wellness industry as a whole. We are building an exciting, inspiring future by challenging the status quo, by actively promoting business sustainability and the culture of responsibility. We define the quality of our company, in part, by the degree to which we can reduce our impact on the environment. It means taking a holistic approach to all aspects of our business, which includes how we build and use resources at our facilities.


  • I booked 4 full sessions with my mom, sister and brother for our birthdays. We had such a great time and walked out fully relaxed and rejuvenated! I suspect that we will make this an annual event together for our birthdays. Thank you for the personalized service and the fantastic experience. I look forward to my next visit.

  • Wonderfloat was an amazing experience. The facility was clean, warm and inviting and the service was fantastic. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but I can safely say that the floating surpassed any other relaxation method that I have tried in the past…I even fell asleep!

  • The one hour float was beyond my expectations! My first float after years of wanting to go! It takes my meditation to the next level, intense sensations and extreme bliss and peace. I would like to do an extended amount of time next time 2-3 hrs at once.

  • The float is amazing. My husband works construction and generally has some stiffness or strains, but when he came out of the float he was feeling so relieved and relaxed. Same with myself, I had some pain in my neck and after my float it was gone. Not to mention we had the best sleep that night.

  • My first experience at Wonderfloat was fantastic. The float made my body feel extremely relaxed and helped with back aches. The overall atmosphere is very relaxing, staff are friendly and helpful and I never felt rushed. Very clean and accommodating . Will definitely go back.

  • Exceptional atmosphere and we’ll beyond what I experienced with similar vendors. The pride of ownership and attention to customers was outstanding.

  • It was an amazing out of body experience! I was super worried I would not be able to relax at all, but within 5 minutes I forgot where I was. I would recommend this to anyone needing to “just let go “. Staff is amazing and helpful and just add to the overall experience!

  • Great experience. I was a little hesitant, thinking an hour float seemed like a very long time but I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when it was over. I will definitely be back.

  • Very relaxing. Just what you need after a stressful day. Even with a last minute call the staff were very welcoming and I will be returning soon.

  • Love Wonderfloat! I’ve been to other float spas in Toronto and this was the best and luxurious experience I’ve had! It was clean, the staff was very friendly and informative, everything smells amazing! Must tell everyone I know!

  • It’s like being in a high end spa, treated like royalty. I feel so relaxed and refreshed after every float.

  • Enjoyed the whole experience. Also everything was so clean and everyone professional and friendly!

  • More Wonderfloats need to exist! Such a relaxing, therapeutic experience. I’d recommend it to anyone. And the massage chairs are out of this world!

  • Great experience! I have never felt more relaxed before. Loved every minute of it!

  • Fantastic! Extremely clean, modern, and relaxing facility. The staff are absolutely amazing as well!

  • Relaxing and rejuvenating experience! Immaculate facility with state-of-the-art equipment. Highly recommend incorporating flotation therapy at Wonderfloat into your personal wellness regime.

  • An incredible experience. So relaxing and mind clearing. I will absolutely be back. The whole experience was perfect from the time we walked in the door.

  • Went to Wonderfloat very early on Sunday was one of their first appointments. Walked out feeling like a million bucks. Got all 3 services. I woke up the following day and was actually able to get out of bed without my regular stiffness which has plagued me for years. Wonderful service, clean and relaxing atmosphere. Best Spa experience. Will definitely be going back. I think this will become a regular part of my health and well-being. Keep up the great service!

  • Unmatched service, state of the art top notch floating pods and massage chairs. The choice is obvious. There is no choice. Wonderfloat is years ahead of anything that would be called “competition”.

  • The best form of relaxation combined with the benefits of minerals and zero gravity. I would 100% recommend Wonderfloat to all my friends and networks.I suffer from the effects of Rheumatism. This is great therapy!

  • Fantastic place – very clean and well thought out down to the last detail. Perfect combo of sauna – float – then massage chair. Completely euphoric! Will be back very soon!

  • Yesterday was my first time at Wonderfloat. The staff was amazing, very informative. I felt comfortable and at ease the entire time I was there. I’m definitely making this a part of my monthly ritual. I recommend it to everyone!

  • Wonderfloat was different then anything I have experienced before. The owner was knowledgeable and clearly passionate, which made the experience much more enjoyable for both myself and my fiance. The staff was incredibly accommodating and provided for a great experience. The sensory deprivation experience was one of a kind and a great stress reliever. As it was different then anything I could have expected in my future visits I am sure it will only be better. If you are on the line of giving this an experience a try, take the leap you will be happy you did.

  • The staff were fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and made my first visit remarkable. I highly recommend that when you go do the float and then zero gravity chair. My body felt and mind were very relaxed after the session. I will be returning for more sessions.

  • I had the most relaxing time of my life at Wonderfloat! The sauna, salt water float and the massage chair were all amazing! In this busy crazy life going here and there it is so important for all of us to slow down, stop and relax! This is definitely the place to do that!

  • I absolutely loved everything about my experience. Amanda is amazing, so well spoken and explained everything with such detail. The atmosphere there is so relaxing and I can’t wait to go back.

  • My boyfriend and I went in not knowing what to expect other than what we read online. Lidia greeted us with a smile and was such a great host throughout the whole experience and made us feel very comfortable. She was thorough explaining what to expect during our float time and answered any questions we had. We left happy and very relaxed. We’re already planning our next visit!

  • Wonderfloat was something new and different I have never experienced before. As a mother of four children there is not a lot of me time. I saw the Ad for Wonderfloat online and decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did!. I was able to be in an oasis all of my own, and feel renewed afterwards. I would definitely recommend this to anyone to try.

  • Very friendly staff who are also very knowledgeable in their field. Visiting their location is highly recommended, even if you’re not familiar with their services as they will give you a tour and the greatest service out there.

  • Friendly service and great set up! Always look forward to each visit. Within seconds I am in a relaxed state and always mind and body benefit!


  • Awesome experience! We used all 3 services, loved it so much we bought a diamond membership so we can have bi-weekly spa date nights.

  • I went to Wonderfloat for my birthday and received 10% off! Plus, I had a heavenly experience! From the moment I walked in the door I was relaxed. The wonderful staff that guided me through my relaxing day. I was amazed by the facility and my float experience!!! I cannot wait to go back and bring friends and family.

  • Great experience! Professional, and personable! Great equipment and staff.

  • Amazing experience at Wonderfloat. The pods are not intimidating at all, the spa provides such relaxing ambiance. Highly recommended.

  • Overall a great place to escape for some me time! The atmosphere, the owners, the cleanliness, it is all top notch!

  • Best experience ever! Friendly staff and a very relaxing weekend!I would 100% go again.The sauna was wonderful. The float was amazing (I was nervous at first, but after a while it was so nice) and to end it all, 20 minutes in the massage chair made me melt like butter.

  • What an incredible experience! From the moment we entered the facility, we felt at ease with the calming décor, pristine environment and friendly staff. The floating experience was unlike anything I have ever felt…I felt relaxed, cleansed, and like I had been reborn! It was definitely an unforgettable experience that I will recommend to all of our friends and family. Thank you, Wonderfloat!

    Andrea & Peter
  • Step out of the box and into the unknown. When you surrender to this moment, the story finds you.

  • This was given to me as s birthday gift. It was such a great way to recharge from the daily stress. No kids and complete silence. This has been one of my best meditation sessions in a long time. I will have to return and enjoy this more often. Thank you!

  • This was hands down the best and most relaxing experience that we have ever tried. The staff, environment, service is all amazing. We’ll be telling all friends and family.

    Kyle & Krissy
  • A very different experience. It is interesting to only be with my own thoughts. It is like having a debate in my head to relax and resist the thought to relax. I was getting present to how I talk myself out of fully experiencing emotion and feelings in my life and how I live a life of suppression and numbness. I will definitely do this again to work on becoming comfortable in my own thoughts without resisting letting go of control. I know this will be a great step towards fully expressing my self to the people in my life completely and authentically without holding back. Thank you for opening my mind to find myself.

  • Today was my first float and I loved it! I have many injuries from years of sports competition and I believe this will help me tremendously. The relaxed state I achieved throughout the float allowed me to focus my mind on personal goals of mine (upcoming competitions). The staff and facility are amazing. I look forward to my next visit! Thanks Wonderfloat!

  • I received this as a birthday present and I was over the moon. I’ve been waiting to try a flotation experience for some time! It was everything I had hoped; I felt like a fetus in the womb. The staff are so pleasant and attentive as well and the place is dreamy and space-age! Loved it!

  • Such a beautiful experience! Incredibly relaxing, just what we need in this busy world. Can’t wait to come back.

  • Never been this relaxed in a very long time. First time floating and I have to admit I was very hesitant to do it. Loved how I felt after. INCREDIBLE! Thank you!

  • This is my first time floating. I suffer from anxiety. After my session, my mind feels so clear. I feel relaxed and refreshed. Great customer service! Very friendly!

  • First time here and it was great! Excellent professionalism from the staff – that was appreciated. Hard to describe but we both feel less stress and my husband’s back felt relief throughout the session (nerve damage because of a car accident). Excellent and clean place – would come again.

    Tracy & Serge
  • Great first experience and really made our Valentines memorable. We weren’t sure what to expect but service and amenities were top notch. Would definitely try again and would recommend to all our friends.

    Angela and Nan
  • What a wonderful experience! I feel reborn, refreshed and stress free! Thank you for a great experience, we will be back. I love the whole zen vibe.

    Ryan & Katie
  • This was my second time floating and the experience was just as amazing as the first time I came! I feel that the use of this facility will be a BIG part in my own personal healing journey. Thank you so much. I will be back!


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